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Product code: 52809
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Size: 175/65R14
Speed: 82T
Side walls: BSW
Info: Winter Tire


• 3D Sipes: Numerous three-dimensional saw-toothed sipes evident throughout the tire increase control by providing more biting edges to cut into icy surfaces.
• Slash Grooves: Lateral grooves of different widths evacuate snow, slush, and water from the tire quickly, keeping it continuously ready for the next bite.
• Power Rib: Provides a firm footprint for stronger breaking and maximum ride comfort, control and stability.

Other dimensions

Size Load index Speed rating Side walls
175/65R15 - 84T BSW
175/70R14 - 84T BSW
185/60R15 - 84T BSW
185/65R15 - 88T BSW
195/55R15 - 85T BSW
195/60R15 - 88T BSW
195/65R15 - 91T BSW
205/50R17 - 93T BSW
205/60R15 - 91T BSW
205/65R15 - 94T BSW
215/45R17 - 87T BSW
215/55R16 - 93T BSW
215/60R16 - 95T BSW
215/65R17 - 99T BSW
225/45R17 - 91T BSW
225/50R17 - 94T BSW
225/55R17 - 97T BSW
225/65R16 - 100T BSW
235/55R17 - 99T BSW
245/40R17 - 91T BSW
245/45R17 - 95T BSW
Size Load index Speed rating Side walls
175/70R13 - 82T BSW
185/60R14 - 82T BSW
185/65R14 - 86T BSW
195/50R16 - 84T BSW
195/60R14 - 86T BSW
195/60R16 - 89T BSW
205/50R16 - 87T BSW
205/55R16 - 91T BSW
205/60R16 - 92T BSW
205/65R16 - 95T BSW
215/50R17 - 95T BSW
215/55R17 - 94T BSW
215/65R15 - 96T BSW
225/40R18 - 92T BSW
225/45R18 - 91T BSW
225/55R16 - 95T BSW
225/60R16 - 98T BSW
235/45R17 - 94T BSW
235/65R16 - 103T BSW
245/40R18 - 97T BSW
245/45R18 - 100T BSW