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Product code: 357672105
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Size: 235/70R17 XL
Speed: 109S
Side walls: OWL
Info: All Season Tire


• Self-cleaning traction grooves help propel mud and snow away from the tread for all-weather traction
• All-terrain tread for a heightened gripping power on and off the road
• Wide tread grooves help evacuate water for traction in wet weather

Other dimensions

Size Load index Speed rating Side walls
245/65R17 - 107S BSL
31X10.50R15 6C 109R OWL
LT225/75R16 10E 115R BSW
LT235/85R16 10E 120R BSW
LT245/75R16 10E 120R BSW
LT265/70R17 10E 121R OWL
LT275/70R18 10E 125R OWL
LT285/75R16 10E 126R OWL
P225/75R16 - 104S OWL
P235/75R15 - 105S OWL
P245/70R16 - 106S OWL
P245/75R16 - 109S OWL
P255/70R16 - 109S OWL
P265/65R17 - 110T BSL
P265/70R16 - 111S OWL
P265/75R16 - 114T OWL
P275/60R20 - 114S BSW
Size Load index Speed rating Side walls
265/60R18 - 110S OWL
LT215/85R16 10E 115P BSW
LT235/80R17 10E 120Q BSW
LT245/70R17 10E 119R OWL
LT245/75R17 10E 121S OWL
LT265/75R16 10E 123R OWL
LT285/70R17 8D 121R OWL
P225/75R15 - 102S OWL
P235/70R16 - 104T BSW
P235/75R16 XL - 109S BSW
P245/70R17 - 108S OWL
P255/65R17 - 108S OWL
P255/70R17 - 110S OWL
P265/65R18 - 112S OWL
P265/70R17 - 113S OWL
P275/55R20 - 111H BSW
P275/65R18 - 114T OWL