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Product code: 356303443
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Size: 185/60R15
Speed: 84T
Side walls: SBL
Info: All Season Tire


• Isolated tread elements combined with full slotting and blading help deliver outstanding all-weather traction
• Two steel belts help stabilize the tread for confident handling and grip
• Polyester radial cord body helps provide a smooth ride
• Distinctive serrated lettering outlined in black for a stylish appearance

Other dimensions

Size Load index Speed rating Side walls
185/65R15 - 88T SBL
205/55R16 - 91T SBL
205/65R16 - 95T SBL
215/65R16 - 98T SBL
225/60R17 - 99T SBL
P175/65R14 - 81S SBL
P185/65R14 - 85S SBL
P195/65R15 - 89S SBL
P195/75R14 - 92S SBL
P205/70R15 - 95S SBL
P215/60R15 - 93T SBL
P215/70R15 - 97S SBL
Size Load index Speed rating Side walls
195/60R15 - 88T SBL
205/60R15 - 91T SBL
215/65R15 - 96T SBL
225/60R16 - 98T SBL
225/65R16 - 100T BBL
P175/70R13 - 82S VSB
P185/70R14 - 87S SBL
P195/70R14 - 90S SBL
P205/65R15 - 92S SBL
P205/75R14 - 95S SBL
P215/60R16 - 94T SBL